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It’s time to get your entries ready for the next Creative Quarterly judging.

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An international competition 

Our show is open to all art directors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and fine artists in all countries. There are separate categories for professional and student entries. 

Defined categories, two types of winners 

Our categories include Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration Photography and Fine Art. We accept both commissioned and personal work for judging. Winners will appear in Creative Quarterly as well as in our online Gallery. All winners receive a certificate of excellence. Runners-up will be featured only in the online Gallery. 

Judging process 

All judging is done digitally so our judges don’t know the identity of our entrants. It takes a majority of the judges’ votes to be featured in the magazine. 

Winner Awards 

You'll receive a complimentary copy of our publication, your work will be displayed in our online gallery which has links to your contact information and you may choose to receive a complimentary award certificate. In addition, as a winner, you become a finalist for our year-end 100 Best judging where we select the top one-hundred entries from 2023.

CQ75 Deadline: January 26, 2024

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